We provide a positive environment for all children in East Lyme and Salem, CT, looking to play and enjoy the game of soccer.

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As amended and approved through the
2008 Annual Meeting




The Board of Directors may, from time to time, publish rules and regulations which, providing they do not contravene the By-Laws or CJSA Rules and Regulations, shall be binding upon all Association members and Association teams.

It is desirable, however, that Rules and Regulations represent the wishes of the general membership. Therefore, at the Annual General Meeting the BOD shall present to the members any proposals they may have for changes in the existing Rules and Regulations. Proposals for rule or regulation changes should be forwarded to the BOD no later than 30 days prior to the annual meeting so that the Board can review the proposal and include the proposal in the agenda of the annual meeting.

At the annual meeting the proposals of the BOD and members shall be discussed and voted upon, a simple majority of those present being necessary for acceptance of the change. This procedure shall not prevent the BOD from introducing new playing Rules as demanded by situations that arise during the year.


All resident youth of the Town of East Lyme are eligible. Eligibility of youth who are nonresidents of East Lyme is in accordance with CJSA and/or District rules.

Players must play in accordance with the CJSA age groupings specified for each program. For example: If August 1st is the CJSA specified date and a player is 10 years old on or before July 31 that player is not eligible to play in an Under 10 division and is assigned to an Under 12 Division. Conversely if a player has not reached his or her 10 birthday by August 1 that player plays in an Under 10 division.


All Board Officers and appointed Directors and Managers positions should be held by separate individuals when possible. All appointed Directors and managers shall serve for one year and their term renewal is dependent on Board approval. The Boys, Girls and Recreation Program Coordinators will be invited to participate at all Board meetings on issues related to their functions.

Each year the Association President shall appoint with approval of the Board of Directors the following Directors and Managers:

RECREATION PROGRAM DIRECTOR - The Recreation Program Director will coordinate and supervise the Association Recreational Program (U-8 and younger) including registration, field scheduling, recruiting/training of coaches, equipment management and play.

GIRLS PROGRAM DIRECTOR - The Girls Program Director will coordinate and supervise the registration, selection, rostering and play of Girls age groups U-9 through U-19.

BOYS PROGRAM DIRECTOR - The Boys Program Director will coordinate and supervise the registration, selection, rostering and play of Boys age groups U-9 through U-19.

EQUIPMENT MANAGER - The Equipment Manager shall inventory and, no less frequent than annually, submit a report to the BOD detailing the numbers, location and condition of Association uniforms, balls, goals, nets, etc. along with a suggested replacement schedule. As approved by the Board of Directors the Equipment Manager shall make all acquisitions of equipment, uniforms, etc. for the East Lyme Soccer Association programs, travel and recreation. Vouchers, invoices/bills, etc. shall be submitted to the Treasurer for all purchases.

FIELDS MANAGER - The Fields Manager shall liaison with the Town Parks and Recreation Department and East Lyme Schools regarding availability and field use policy as it may effect playing schedules for the Fall and Spring programs. The Fields Manager shall be responsible for generating a field use schedule for all Association Divisions.

CONCESSIONS MANAGER - The Concessions Manager shall be responsible for planning and scheduling Association concession operations, will maintain an inventory of concession equipment and consumable items and will coordinate volunteers to set up, staff and take down concession operations. The Concessions manager shall report to the BOD no less frequently than annually the results of concession fund raising.


The Association participates in three programs, ELSA Association Recreational program, SE District Club Recreational Plus League program and SE District Club League program.

The objective of these programs is for the youth to have enjoyment and develop skill, appreciation and understanding of the game of soccer. Although winning and success are nice, deriving enjoyment from participation and good sportsmanship are much more important goals of ELSA., Inc.

In the interest of Association objectives coaches should afford the opportunity for all players to play at least one-half of every league game including playoff/league tournament games. Circumstances such as illness, injury or discipline are exceptions to fair play policy.


The Association Recreational program schedules three seasonal sessions of play for youth U-6 through U-8 age group. The sessions are from six to eight weeks long and are scheduled in the Fall (outdoors), Winter (indoors)(dependent on space availability) and Spring/Summer (outdoors).

All divisions in the Association Recreational program will be co-ed due to the ages of children and level of competition.


A Division Soccer Age U-6

B Division Soccer Age U-7

C Division Soccer Age U-8

Changes in age groupings can be made by the Recreation Program Director based on team sizes, player size and player skill level.


East Lyme Soccer Association (ELSA) is a member of the Southeast District of the Connecticut Junior Soccer Association (CJSA) and participates in District league play for boys and girls in all age groups. The ELSA policy for team selection and play in District leagues follows the District Guide for SE District Soccer Play for age divisions U-10 through U-19. Age Divisions in the District are two year divisions, i.e. U-12 division includes U-11 and U-12 players, U-10 division includes U-10 and U-9 players, etc..


CLUB LEAGUE means an DISTRICT DIVISION "A" inter-club league in which:

- The LEAGUE is composed of CLUB Teams.

- The CLUB Team is a travel or competitive team composed of players who are listed on the team's roster for league play and which does not include guest players.

- The Club team selects players on the basis of tryout to determine talent and ability.


RECREATIONAL PLUS LEAGUE means a DISTRICT DIVISION "B" intra-club and inter-club league in which:

- The use of tryouts, invitations, recruiting or any like process to roster players selectively to any team on the basis of talent or ability is prohibited; and

- The club administering the league accepts as participants in the league all eligible youths; and

- Within a club a system of rostering players is employed for the purpose of creating a fair and balanced distribution of the playing talent among all teams participating; and

- League rules require that each player play at least one-half of each game except for reasons of injury, illness or discipline.


The Association will use single year or two year age divisions for the purpose of rostering travel program players with August 1st or other date specified by CJSA used to determine a youth's age for division placement. NO exceptions will be allowed for moving a player outside his/her age eligible grouping other than selection to an older division CLUB TEAM through competitive tryout or, upon agreement of the Boys or Girls Coordinator, any child may be moved up to the next age group at the Recreational Plus level.


Boys & Girls

Division U-10 8 and under 10

Division U-12 10 and under 12

Division U-14 12 and under 14

Division U-16 14 and under 16

Division U-19 16 and under 19


Teams that play 11 v 11 will roster no less than 15 and no more than 18 players. The divisions playing 11 v 11 are:

Division U-19 A&B for boys and girls

Division U-16 A&B for boys and girls

Division U-14 A&B for boys and girls

Division U-12 A for boys and girls play either 11 v 11 or 8 v 8 or less (7 v 7, 5 v 5) as set by SE District

All U-10 and U-12 B teams play 8 v 8 or less (7 v 7, 5 v 5 as set by SE District) and will roster no less than 10 and no more than 13 players. Exceptions to roster size may be made at the discretion of the BOD.



- The CLUB TEAM in each age division (U10, U12, U14, U16, U19) will be selected in total from all eligible registered players wishing to tryout for a given age division.

- The CLUB TEAM selection committee for each age division will include ELSA approved individuals.

- CLUB TEAM selection will based on annual "open" tryouts with all players selected to a CLUB TEAM each year having participated in that year's tryouts.. At least TWO inital tryout sessions no less than a week apart will be held. Tryouts will be completed by early August. An optional invitation only tryout may also be used to select CLUB TEAM palyers. All players selected to a CLUB TEAM must attend and be evaluated in a tryout. Exceptions must be presented to the ELSA Board of Directors for resolution.

- ELSA approved evaluation procedures will be used for tryouts and team selection.

- Registered players may tryout for any age division CLUB TEAM that they are eligible for but may only play for one. If a player is selected for more than one age division CLUB TEAM the player shall indicate which one CLUB TEAM he or she will play for.

- Selected players remain on their Club Team until tryouts the following year or they voluntarily leave the team prior to the next annual tryout session.

- Players selected for a CLUB TEAM may also play for a RECREATIONAL PLUS TEAM. Players should indicate at registration/tryout if they do intend to play on a RECREATIONAL PLUS TEAM.

- If ELSA creates more than one CLUB TEAM in a given age group above U-10 the Number One TEAM has first choice of selection of all players trying out for CLUB TEAMS. The number of CLUB TEAMS in any age group will be determined by the Board of Directors prior to CLUB TEAM selection.

- CLUB TEAM players will be registered as competitive players and will obtain CJSA Player Photo ID cards for their lowest qualifying age group. The coaches will also obtain CJSA Coach Photo IDs.


- RECREATIONAL PLUS TEAMS in each age division will be created from all registered players in the age division. CLUB TEAM players are included if they indicated preference to play at registration or tryouts. An evaluation session will be conducted at or following annual registration to rate players not assigned to a team.

- RECREATIONAL PLUS TEAM players will be assigned in their appropriate age group by coaches draft with the order of selection predetermined by the coaches and the appropriate Boys/Girls Program Director. The Program Director will monitor the selection process and assist as necessary to create an even distribution of talent among all RECREATIONAL PLUS TEAMS in an age division.

- RECREATIONAL TEAM will be registered as inter-club recreational players.


Annual Registration for U-14 and under programs including recreation programs will be held no later than June 10. Registration dealines will be set by the Board of Directors. Registration after the dealine will be on a space available basis.

Registration of high school youth will be following the fall school soccer season and according to CJSA rules.

After tryouts any registration applicant in the Under 14 Divisions must be referred to the appropriate Division Director Boys or Girls (travel) or the Recreation Program Director (club recreation program), who may or may not assign then (on a first come first served basis) at their own discretion, until all rosters are full. Once rosters are full registrations will no longer be accepted and individuals will be placed on a waiting list.

The Board of Directors reserves the right to decide upon a final registration cut-off which will be binding upon the Club programs.

NOTE: Players can only be added to rosters by the cognizant Recreation, Boys or Girls Program Director.

A player is considered registered when completed player registration forms and CJSA/ELSA registration fees have been accepted by the Club in accordance with CJSA Rules and Regulations.

NOTE: Coaches should check that players are registered prior to allowing them to participate in ELSA practice or games.

Adults serving the Club in capacities as coaches, managers, directors, volunteer referees administrators, etc. shall be registered in accordance with CJSA Rules and regulations. The Asociation shall pay the registration fee for the adult volunteers.

Parents of registered players will be asked to sign a "parent contract" each year.


CLUB AND RECREATIONAL PLUS TRAVEL TEAMS - All coaching applicants shall submit a resume or statement of qualifications along with an indicated preference for team(s) to coach.

CLUB RECREATIONAL PROGRAM TEAMS - All coaching applicants are requested to submit a statement of qualifications and team preference (age group).

All coaches and assistant coaches for age groups U-9 and older will be appointed and approved by the Board of Directors. Fingerprints may be obtained and background checks done for all coaches and assistant coaches approved by the Board.


Each player shall pay registration fees as set by the Board of Directors annually. The established fees will include CJSA registration fees for players and adults and an amount to offset costs of Club activities including cost of referees, uniforms, equipment, miscellaneous expenses. The BOD will consider waiver of fees in approved cases of hardship.


To use ELSA uniforms for non-club sponsored soccer activities all players and coaches must be registered with the East Lyme Soccer Association.

Coaches entering teams in non-club sponsored soccer activities shall obtain permission from the ELSA President before participating.


Protests and/or disputes arising from games or competition shall be made to the appropriate league, tournament or cup committee and will be processed in accordance with CJSA procedures. Protests regarding recreation program play will be resolved by the BOD.

Disciplinary issues will be processed in accordance with CJSA rules and, where possible, will be resolved at the Club level by a board appointed by the Board of Directors.