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Evaluations - Passing

What's tested: passing accuracy with each foot under pressure

How set up: Note that the dark circles in the drawing are either cones or corner flags and the empty circles are simply used to help measure distances.

  • The player area is 4 yards wide by 5 yards long
  • Distance from the middle of the front edge of the player area to each gate is 12 yards for U11 thru U14 and 10 yards for U9 & U10.
  • Each gate is 3 yards wide, corner flags are used to make the gates. Using corner flags removes the problem that will arise if the ball were to hit a cone.
  • Approximately 20 balls are needed at the bottom of the player area
  • Need 2 people to catch the balls รข€“ they should hold onto them until the player is done.

How run:

  • Player starts facing the gates with a ball at their feet, upon start they will pass that pall through one of the gates. (left foot as the example through the right gate)
  • They immediately return to get another ball, set it up, and then try to pass through the left-hand gate with their right foot.
  • They keep alternating between the right and left gates for 1 minute (adjudicator does the timing).
  • Passes made from beyond the end of the player area do not count!
  • Passes with the wrong foot do not count.


  • Left foot: number of balls that go through the right-hand gate
  • Right foot: number of balls that go through the left-hand gate

Instructions to players:

  • Can't pass balls that go beyond the end of the player area
  • Use the left foot to pass the ball through the right-hand gate, then the right foot to pass the ball through the left-hand gate
  • Speed is important, but accuracy is even more important
  • Before making the pass, look at the gate and plant your foot properly to make a good pass

Instructions to adjudicators

  • Start the timer when player starts (either the player or the adjudicator can say "go"), and let it run for 1 minute. Let the player know when the 1 minute is up.
  • Ball must be kicked before time is up to count
  • For each foot individually, count the number of balls that make it through the gates. Ball must be kicked with the correct foot to count.