We provide a positive environment for all children in East Lyme and Salem, CT, looking to play and enjoy the game of soccer.

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Coaches' Corner

We have many new and experienced coaches who are always looking for tips and recommendations for improving both our players and coaches.  ELSA's new Director of Coaching (Jeff Vennell) will be offering a weekly coaching clinic and we encourage all coaches to attend! In addition, we have reorganized the website and added a Coaches' Corner to provide some resources to enable coaches to add to their toolbox of skills.  Please feel free to start a new thread in the coaching forum, share video tutorials, suggest drills and/or submit new practice plans via the webmaster ( ).


We have broken this area of the ELSA website into 4 sections:

  1. Coaching Forum: This is designed to be an open forum for ELSA coaches to discuss youth soccer player development, tactics, team management, and share tips and drills. The forum is password secure so please email the webmaster if you are interested in joining and sharing your ideas.

  2. Drills and practice plans: These are links to free sites that you can use to either find specific drills for the skills you are working on or in some instances you can find entire practice plans. Our Director of Coaching will also be contributing to this section.

  3. ELSA Partners (w/coaching support):  Our partners like UK International have lesson plans you can access for assistance with your practice sessions.

  4. Additional Resources: Their are many websites and YouTube videos out there that provide helpful soccer instruction...some free and some requiring a paid membership.  Feel free to browse the list of external links and send us a link, if you have one to add.